USS Scorpion

USS Scorpion buried at sea

                     By, Collin Bergevin

In May, 1968 the USS Scorpion went down in the Atlantic Ocean carrying 99 men, 2 nuclear torpedoes and a nuclear reactor. More than 40 years later an organization of the US Submarine Veterans sent a letter to the secretary of the Navy, but was denied their plan to send an undersea robot to investigate the sunken sub.

The cause of the subs sinking was inconclusive and the investigation ceased soon after the ruling of the inconclusive search. Many people have their own opinions but the most recognised was a possible battery explosion in the sub causing failures in everything so the ship couldn’t communicate with the coast.

The under water diving robot would go down to the middle of the Atlantic and find the sunken sub to discover the cause of the ships demise to answer the families of the 99 men lost at sea that spring day.




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